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User Guide

Before your visit

Consider the following before your visit:
Registration – register at the IBR-2 User Club website and submit your proposal.
Visas – contact the User Office in advance and get a free of charge Russian Visa.
Health insurance – make sure that you have industrial accidents and sickness insurance.
Local contact – discuss the details of the experiment (sample environment equipment, sample containers, etc) with your Local Contact.
Arrival – we advise you to use the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow which conveniently runs a regular train to the Belorussky railway station.
Accommodation – the IBR-2 users are accommodated at Dubna Hotel upon request. Information on the room availability and confirmation of your request will be sent via e-mail.
Site access – the IBR-2 users are only allowed to enter the JINR site after the personal identification procedure. Make sure you have your Passport with you.
Reimbursement – get acquainted with the reimbursement regulations for the IBR-2 Users.

Visa support

If you need a Russian visa, soon after receiving an electronic experiment invitation from FLNP JINR, you should provide User Office with the following information (via the IBR-2 User Club):
Please note that JINR cannot arrange Visa support documents for you at short notice.

The JINR International Cooperation Department can provide you with a free of charge Visa if you apply your data to User Office in advance (at least one month before your arrival). Apart from that you should receive an original invitation letter from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and get other necessary documents at the Russian Consulate.
In case of Business Visa (35 EU) or Express Visa (70 EU) you will receive the registration number from the JINR International Cooperation Department via e-mail.
In some cases, it is sufficient to obtain the Invitation Letter from the MFA. However, you may need some other documents. Please, find out what extra documents you may need at the Russian Embassy or the Russian Consulate.

How to get to JINR

1st step - Moscow
By plane (Moscow airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo)
By train (Moscow railway stations: Kievskiy Vokzal, Belaruskiy Vokzal, Saviolovskiy Vokzal).
2nd step – Dubna
By car (provided by JINR) (option only available for the applicants from foreign institutes)
By train (Moscow Sovyelovskyi railway station - Dubna. Please note that there are two railway stations in Dubna, they are Bolshaya Volga and Dubna. The last station listed is the terminal station and the one you need).
By bus (Moscow Sovyelovskyi bus station - Dubna. Bus station Katelnaya is the one you need).
Both the bus and the train stations are situated in about 10 minutes walk from Dubna Hotel. Please check the User Club website to get the bus and the train timetables, maps and other related information.

Safety regulations

All of the IBR-2 reactor users must comply with the Russian, the local administrative and the JINR safety regulations. Any ancillary equipment supplied by the user must conform to appropriate regulations. Experimental conditions involving special safety requirements (the use of radioactive isotopes, chemically or biologically hazardous materials, etc.) should be clearly stated in the proposal.
Please familiarize yourself with the JINR safety regulations on IBR-2 User Club website and upload the following documents:
1. a copy of medical certificate confirming that your health status allows you to work under radiation conditions,
2. a copy of the document indicating the dose you have received during the past year if proper,
3. a copy of a signed declaration confirming the following:
I am insured against the risk of sickness and accidents.
The experimental conditions and the samples to be used are as quoted in the original proposal.
I will publish my results giving proper credit to the FLNP staff members and properly mentioning the JINR facilities.
I will respect the JINR safety regulations.
I have informed my radiation safety officer that during the experiment being performed at the IBR-2 reactor I can be exposed to ionizing radiation.
If I have an implanted cardiostimulator or if I am pregnant, I will consult a healthcare specialist before starting to work at the experimental facilities.
Please take the original documents with you to Dubna.
Primechanie: Bolee podrobnoe opisanie instruktajah etc.
Kakaie vidi zvukavih signalah est’ pri pojarnoi, radiatsionnoi,
Signal for emergency evacuation procedure, for normal evacuation procedure.
Fire alarm signal: variable frequency tone high/ low frequency last in for 1 min. Evacuation room/area/building immediately

On arrival

When you arrive in Dubna, check in at the hotel first.


Visitors invited to assist in the experiments get accommodation at Dubna Hotel (8, Vekslera St.) which is situated in about 20-25 minute walk from FLNP JINR.
Please note that all hotel reservations are performed by the FLNP officials only. For further details please contact User Office or visit the IBR-2 User Club website.
For users eligible for financial support
The FNLP financial support covers the following expenses only: the price of a room (note that the type of the room depends upon availability) and the price of breakfast at the hotel. Extra nights are not included and are to be paid directly by the guests.
For users not eligible for fincial support
In this case the guests are to pay for accommodation directly by cash or a credit card at the hotel reception.
Dubna Hotel provides a 24 hours reception service:
Phone: +7 (49621) 62125
Fax: +7 (49621) 65890

Site access

The FLNP JINR site is a restricted area shared with FLNR, LIT, BLTP, DLNP, LRB and UC. To gain access, you need to obtain a pass at the Pass and Registration Office (Bjuro Propuskov). The pass is issued only on presentation of your
passport. You should produce both your pass and passport to the security personnel at the site entrance each time you enter and exit the JINR site.
Please note the following:
The pass is valid for entering JINR only.
• The pass should be kept at the Pass Department in case of business trips and other long-termed absences of the pass holder.
• It is forbidden to give the pass to third persons for use.
• You should immediately inform the Pass Department in case of loss of the pass.
• You should return the pass to the Pass Department in case of expired validity or in case you do not need it any longer.
• In your bag you are allowed to carry documents and books required for your work only.
• You are supposed to let the security personnel inspect your bag upon their request.
• It is forbidden to bring any kind of professional photographic or filming equipment, domestic equipment as well as alcohol-containing beverages.

Food on site

You can have lunch in the JINR canteen located in a 5 minute walk from the FLNP main entrance. The canteen is open Monday to Friday from 11.00 a.m. to 15.30 p.m.


The JINR Scientific Library is open Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.
More information on JINR Scientific Library activity you may find at http://lib.jinr.ru/english.html

Computer access

You can get computer access at the FLNP site. You can also plug in your own laptop.


Dubna map-right bank of the Volga River
The site map


Those who is fond of sports (swimming, fitness, weight-lifting) and sauna may use the services of JINR 50 m length swimming pool “Archimed” and its additional facilities.

On departure

Samples used in experiments at the IBR-2 reactor are to be checked by the JINR Radiation Safety Department before they are taken off the site.
Please return your film dosimeter to the User Office and the pass to the security personnel.

Publication policy

We would like to draw your attention to the authorship rules set for papers resulting from experiments performed at the IBR-2 reactor. If the results of your experiment are to be published, the FLNP staff members participating in the experiment should be given proper credit and the IBR-2 facilities, where the experiment was performed, should be properly mentioned. FLNP considers it natural for Local Contacts who have made a significant contribution to the concept, design, execution, analysis or interpretation of users' experiments to be offered the opportunity to be listed as authors in related publications. Otherwise the authors should acknowledge the FLNP scientists for their affiliation with the IBR-2 experiment at the end of the paper.
As it is specified in the Application form, you should agree with your Local Contact on the terms of his/her involvement in the performance of your experiment and in the process of data analysis in advance.
We would be grateful for taking notice of this point and for your cooperation.

Experimental report policy

Following the recommendation of the FLNP JINR Scientific Council, Experimental reports are now mandatory for all experiments within 3 months after the experiment has been performed. If the experimental report was not registered in the IBR-2 user database until the moment of application for continuation, the proposal can be rejected.
The template for Experimental report can be found on the IBR-2 User Club website.