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Principles of FLNP user policy

Distribution of the beam time

In the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia), the neutron beam time at the high flux pulsed IBR-2 reactor is distributed between internal users (FLNP) and general science community (GSC) in the ratio of 35 % (internal proposals) : 55 % (external regular proposals) : 10 % (external urgent beam time requests). The access to experiments on the IBR-2 spectrometers for all users is given only on application basis. There are two kinds of applications: ordinary applications and fast access applications. The first category there is a deadline for proposal submission and review process for beam time allocation. For the second category there is no deadline for submission, the respective instrument responsible in exceptional cases my grant permission for carrying out the experiment. The proposals are peer-reviewed and rated and beam time for experiments is allocated on the basis of scientific merit of the proposal.
The proposals are evaluated by Selection (Expert?) Committees and beamtime for experiments is granted upon scientific merit of the proposal. Currently three Selection Committees are established:
Atomic and Magnetic Structure;
Lattice and Molecular Dynamics;
Nanosystems and Soft Matter.

Who can apply for beam time

Scientists from any country of the world can apply for beam time. No preferences concerning the affiliation of the applicant are applied in selection of the proposals. Scientists affiliated to the laboratories in JINR member states (http://jinr.ru/section.asp?sd_id=317) get additional financial support.

Financial terms

All accepted proposals get free of charge beam time.
Scientists affiliated to laboratories in JINR member states (http://jinr.ru/section.asp?sd_id=317 ) get financial support for the accommodation expenses and the per diem (20 USD/day) for a limited period. As a rule, only one scientist gets financial support for each experiment. However, it is possible to provide financial support to two scientists if they come from different laboratories.
Please note that, in general, extended stays for data treatment are not supported. In case some extra days are required for installing special equipment or preparing samples, financing may be authorized if requested in advance. For any special requests please contact User Office before your arrival.
The JINR financial support policy is applied to a fixed number of days agreed on in the invitation form, +1 additional day only. Other additional days are to be paid directly by the user.
The per diem is received upon arrival (Administrative building 2, room 113).
All users are accommodated in Dubna Hotel which belongs to JINR. Dubna Hotel provides users with a prepaid breakfast.
Please note that FLNP do not reimburse travel expenses to JINR.